Our ballet and tap classes are split by both age and ability in order to provide each child with the best possible chance of progression at a rate suited to them. In both the ballet and tap subjects we combine IDTA syllabus work along with technical training exercises, allowing for the best possible progression for each individual.


Our street classes cover a range of styles within the Street and Commercial genres of dance. A general class would begin with a lively warm up, followed by work on street techniques. We would then develop these into combinations and routines to well known popular music.


Our tots classes are aimed at children aged 2/3 years of age. We offer Twinkle Tots for those wishing to begin their studies in ballet and Funky Tots for those who prefer the street dance genre. Our tots classes are tailor made and based around exciting and energizing music to allow youngsters to learn the basic techniques for their chosen subject in a fun, welcoming and innovative environment.


A new addition to our timetable, this class will give you an insight to a range of different contemporary techniques and studies as well as providing the opportunity to further develop your strength and flexibility. Within the class we learn a variety of different contemporary sequences and routines.


We currently offer private tuition for individuals wishing to compete in dance festivals and competitions. We are hoping to be able to open up our private tuition timetable shortly for students who may like an extra 1:1 lesson to further develop a particular area of their studies. Keep in touch and let us know if you’re interested in private tuition.


Our cheerleading classes are a combination of cheer dance, chants, pom poms and for those who choose, stunts. We work on basic dance technique along with strengthening and stretching exercises ready for tricks and stunts to be performed within routines. A very energetic and fun class for all. Examination and Show work included.


A combination of dancing, singing and acting – perfect for those looking for a future on the stage! As well as following technical exercises in all three disciplines, we study and reproduce repertoire from a range of well known musicals and shows.

Class Timetable.

Please use the Contact page to reserve a place or to receive further details on our classes.

3.55pm – Private Lesson

4.20pm – 5.00pm – Preparatory Ballet & Tap

5.05pm – 5.50pm – Grade 4 Ballet & Pointe

5.50pm – 6.30pm – Private Lessons

3.40pm – Private Lessons

4.20pm – 5.15pm – Primary Ballet & Tap

5.20pm – 6.15pm – Grade 1 Ballet & Tap

6.20pm – 7.15pm – Grade 2 Ballet & Tap

7.20pm – 8.00pm – Private Lessons

3.40pm – Private Lessons

5.00pm – 5.40pm – Junior Troupe Class

5.45pm – 6.25pm – Inter Troupe Class

6.35pm – 7.35pm – Cheerleading & Stunt

7.40pm – 8.20pm – Contemporary

8.20pm – Private Lessons

9.00am – 9.30am – Twinkle Tots

9.35am – 10.15am – Preparatory Ballet & Tap

10.20am – 10.50am – Street Tots

10.55am – 11.35am – Street & Theatre Fun

11.40am  – Private Lessons